Saturday, August 16, 2008

Asian quilt by Meg Marshall

Kay and I were so pleased with Meg's Asian quilt. This is her 3rd quilt.

"The Asian quilt was a lot of work - SID, ruler, CL (love the 7 Treasures) and freehand. I may keep this (my colors) or it might become another Christmas gift"
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"As a beginner, I wanted to do something within my present ability and this seemed right. Initially, the hard part was keeping the circles within the inner borders & using SID method moving from one area to another along the borders. Not perfect, but I think I did pretty well. Once I had finished the basic template, I had to figure out the border. I had seen another person use designs within the circles of the 7 Treasures and this gave me the idea to freehand the bamboo/leaf effect within the diamonds of the 7 Treasures and coordinate this with my border. I can't do a good feather yet, but could do this and this is more appropriate for this quilt anyway. I think this extra design element really added and I am pleased, but I am very excited about starting to finish quilts after just of a month of LA'ing. The CL has been a hugh help. Love the whole concept and I know I will be ordering more!!!"

Back of Quilt

"To me, it just shows that even us newbies can get up and running without forever stressing. Need lots of PPP in lots of areas, but at least I am able to get going. It is just so exciting!!

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