Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Joyce's 7 Treasures by Carol Lyon and More

King $499.00 129 inches

Queen $449.00 86 inches

Joyce Corker quilt

"Wow, I just got my 7 Treasures of Buddha a couple of weeks ago and already I have scheduled my 4th quilt with that pattern. I haven't even really advertised the template yet. I did do a shop quilt with that pattern and took it back to the shop already. It will be interesting to see how it goes over. But while using the template on a quilt I had on the machine, a couple of customers came to drop off quilts and fell in love with it. We don't get many walk-ins here so I wonder what will happen after I add the pictures to the books in the quilt shops. This one seems to be more popular than I thought it would. :D:D:D This one is a keeper"

Closer view of Joyces quilt

"For once the customer picked the pattern for her quilt. It isn't an oriental quilt but the CL 7 Treasures of Budda template looks wonderful on it anyway. This template is every bit as fast as the Swirls and Clam. I am loving this template and it's a good thing. This is number 6 in the last 2 weeks and I have one more to go. Customers seem to love it also."

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

3 inch overlap by Jeffrey Lomika

" I'm doing my two-pass version of the pattern, which is more dense than the one pass version, and I like it. This is on a 100" square blanket that I intend to sleep under this winter."

"I'm using Carol's directions, that is, I do the bottoms with the diamonds,then the tops, then the bottoms of the second group, then the tops of the second group with the insides."

"I used a standard galvanized roofing nail to hold the template in place, and make the precise 3-inch slide for each pass. I drilled a 3/32 hole in the table through the template hole, and reamed it out to 1/8 after moving the template out of the way. I would have felt more comfortable with another pair of holes on the opposite corner, but it seems pretty sturdy with just the three I used."

Just the Circles overlapped by 3 inches

Saturday, July 5, 2008

7 Treasures by Carol Lyon

Carol Lyon found a better way to stitch the 7 Treasures template.
Below is her first quilt using this template.

< 7 Treasures of Budda

CL 7 Treasures of Budda Template

back of quilt

Carol found a better way do the pattern. Instead of S curving through the template, she did it like clamshells. You can see the path in the drawing below. Red lines are the first pass through the lower half of the circle and the diamonds. The broken line above is just like a clamshell.

Clamshell Method

S Curving Method

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